Chocolate Party Favour Swaps!

Sunday 5 July 2015

Today, I am spending the day with the lovely Pinkies. My upline Michelle Last is holding our quarterly regional training in Croughton and I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone and getting stuck into some crafting. I don't know what projects we will be making, so I am looking forward to the surprise!

As usual, we have made swaps to exchange with each other. There are lots of  benefits to making and receiving card swaps and 3D swaps; you can discover new ways to use stamp sets, fall in love with stamp sets you've never looked twice at before, look at the effect techniques you've not tried before
and use the swaps as samples at your events. I simply love to receive swaps as it feels a little bit like Christmas - its exciting and you never know what you are going to get. 

I always try and think of something different to make so you will find my swaps have really varied from project to project. Last weekend I decided to make these swaps - 3D chocolate party favours! 

I started off making a gold version then quickly decided that I needed to make a silver version too. 

Most people are drawn to either Gold or Silver - I would love to know which is your favourite? 

As you can see, each party favour contains a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. A little bit of fast fuse adhesive is strong enough to hold the chocolate in place.


  1. Love them!! Would be brilliant for Halloween with a bat instead of a butterfly!

    1. Ah thanks Katy! Someone else said exactly the same thing yesterday!

  2. How gorgeous! I could see these on the dinner table, one for each guest at a celebratory meal, such as b'day, Christmas, dinner party etc. Thanks for sharing your super idea. Cheers Donna Z :)